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Looking For A Good Example Of A Descriptive Essay About Nature

There are times when everyone is in need of a little inspiration, right? Being enthusiastic about your topic is a great start but that doesn’t mean to say that you instinctively know how to structure your essay. It’s not like you were born psychic! There is no shame or embarrassment in needing a framework to work from. Indeed having a framework in place helps prevent avoidable errors and will save you a lot of angst along the way.

If your teacher hasn’t already provided you with one, then I would suggest marching along to their office immediately and asking for one. (Nicely, of course!) Here are some other places where you could try looking for a good sample of a descriptive essay about nature.

The internet

I mention this first because you would be crazy not to switch on the laptop and look there first. In fact, you don’t even need a laptop! These days it is possible to access the internet via your smartphone or tablet and what’s more, you can also do it at a time that is convenient for you. The key phrase in this article is good. This is where the internet may let you down as it is incredibly difficult sometimes to verify the quality of the sites that you are visiting. There are also plenty of people out there just desperate to scam you. So, you need to think of the internet as the wild-west and make sure that you stay safe when searching!

Turn to your friends

Okay, so this is just my humble opinion but I have no problem in my students looking for examples provided that they are then going to go ahead and write the actual essay themselves. Likewise, I see no problem with friends helping each other out and pooling their resources; including examples if that then gives them the space that they need to go on a write a killer descriptive essay. Students only cross a line when they decide to cheat.

Nature clubs and groups

This is not as crazy as it might at first sound. Nature groups and clubs are full of people with a passion for nature. It is not unreasonable to presume that they may have access to some examples. What’s more, these essays are likely to be a lot more specific than anything that you are likely to find in the classroom.