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Western Civilization

As much as a lot has been written and said about Western Civilization it may not have been given much thought. All over the world people think those Western Civilizations is a problem and believe that problems for example racism and also social tension are brought about by western civilization. However, this may not be the reality. The mistake lies with the governments that keep insisting how different races should live in harmony with each other because they think they cannot accommodate each other. This creates tension all over and may consequently lead to hatred between and among different races. Politically, there may be an incorrect version of racism. Anyone who opposes a system or even decision that is designed for maybe different races is branded a racist. People from different races may not have hatred for each other but tension may be triggered politically. The presence of various races should be taken as diversity. Efforts by each race to try to be best among the rest of the races should also not be branded as racism. Western civilization should therefore not be blamed for such problems as racism; instead government failure and also the failure of international organizations, for example, the United Nations should be blamed.

Influence of the Bible on Western Civilization

The Bible is the Christian's sacred book all over the world. It is evident however that the book in a way influenced western civilization. Topics including slavery have been discussed in the Bible in details. This may have influenced Western Civilization. The Old Testament and how it is applied also influenced Western Civilization. The Bible, however, is an interesting book to read as there is a lot for everyone to learn whether one is a Christian or otherwise. People may have a different stand on the Bible and whether or not it influenced Western Civilization.

Elements of Western Civilization

Western Civilization has various components. The society, political systems and ideas have all been affected by Western civilization. One of the elements is the evident large and increasing population in the urban areas and cities. Most people believe that life in urban areas is better and higher in quality compared to life in rural areas. Writing is the other element of western civilization. People write stories and truths about themselves so they are not forgotten and that they are preserved. Continuity is the other aspect of Western civilization. The fact that even with the new changes in the world, some cultures and practices are retained and continue.