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12 Strong Ideas For Essay Topics About Football

When you say Football in Asia, it means the globally popular Soccer. However, when you say the word in America, it is largely interpreted as American football which is a distinctly different game. Australia, meanwhile, alludes to it as Rugby.

A passionate game

Whatever game you refer to, you have to agree that Football is a zealous, aggressive and passionate game. Victories here are extremely heart-warming while defeats often turn nerve-wrecking. It is far removed from the homily that a win or loss in chess brings out.

The influence on gentry

Needless to say, Football essays also carry the elements of passion with them. These essays are often relevant and elicit the finer traits and nuances of the game as well as its impact on general lives.

Here are 12 strong essay topics on Football

  1. Does the game of football instill aggressive traits in players’ personal lives? – We are largely influenced by our vocations and carry the traits at home.
  2. Trace the origins and popularity of American football – This would be an exploratory essay.
  3. How does the game of football inject the feeling of fraternity and group building? – The game of Football teaches too many other positive lessons as well.
  4. Take a peep at some of the smart Hollywood movies made on Football – From ‘Jerry Maguire’ to ‘We are Marshall’, there have been many exciting adventures on celluloid.
  5. Compare and contrast Football with Basketball – Very different; very similar. The comparison would be interesting.
  6. How to recover completely from recurrent football injuries? – Most players succumb their careers to injuries or at least get off the peak.
  7. Trace your experience with the game of football – This is a narrative essay which tests your innovative skills.
  8. Share the home environment when you and your family saw that exciting International Football match – This ought to make the atmosphere electric.
  9. Rationalize the game of football when it is known to weaken the player’s hearts considerably – This is an importune issue. Football is known to cause concussion and several cardio-vascular anomalies. Is the game ethical in that light?
  10. The mechanics and dynamics of the game that is Football – This is a descriptive essay which takes a look at the specs.
  11. From a coaches’ perspective: How to bring about best performances from the football players – There are teams with great individuals who do not perform coherently; there are those with nominal players who stick together like a leech.
  12. Evaluate whether the sensationalism around Football has somewhat diluted the original nature of the game – The Money, the Cheerleaders, the celebrity status; evaluate their impact on player’s performance.