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Alternative Energy

In the modern world, there have been many scientific and environmental realizations made. Currently popular is the concept of alternative energy, which is an energy source that is an alternative to the predominantly used source of fossil fuel. Alternative Energy is still a highly questioned and skeptical concept to many, but initially has been viewed as a more intelligent and efficient way of power. Scientists and environmentalists seek to find a way to avoid the undesirable and harmful effects of fossil fuel use in consideration of global warming impacts.

Types of Alternative Energy:

  • Nuclear Energy
  • Nuclear Energy is used primarily to generate heat in order to produce electricity. Nuclear Energy is often used by steam turbines in power stations. Just as it sounds, nuclear energy is extracted from the nucleus of an atom. Coincidentally, atoms make up all the matter in the universe, so there is a vast amount of nuclear energy to be harnessed.

  • Solar Energy
  • Solar Energy is exactly as it sounds; energy harnessed from the sun, used to power different types of technologies. Solar energy is one of the more popular types of alternative energy, especially because it is a renewable resource, which means that as humans, we will not run out of it like we would a nonrenewable resource such as oil. Many homes have solar panels which generate energy from the sun to power electronics or heat.

  • Wind Energy
  • Wind power is not a new concept as many societies have used it for thousands of years. Wind energy is taken from the flow of the air using turbines or sails and then used to produce power via electronics or mechanics. Windmills are actually a prime example of mechanical power, as the mill takes the energy of the air flow and converts it.

  • Geothermal Energy
  • Geothermal energy is created and stored on Earth. Like solar energy, geothermal energy is also renewable. Geothermal energy primarily is used by heating water, but it also branches out in its applications. It’s also possible to develop electricity using geothermal resources such as reservoirs. The energy is converted into electricity after being extracted from a drilled well.

Alternative energy is extremely important, now more than ever. As a society, we are in danger of decimating the earth’s climate through emissions of carbon dioxide, and run risk of emptying nonrenewable resources. Alternative energy can not only help lessen the destruction incurred on the earth’s environment, but can also assist by offering different types of renewable energy sources.