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Creating A Comparative Essay On Scientific Education Versus Literary Education

In this age of science, life has changed beyond all recognition. We cannot imagine a place where science has no place. The advancement in the technology and the excellent services given by the field of science tempt us to study the scientific education. But in this scientific age also, many people want to study literature.

The art of literature and the literary education tends them to study about the history of it and different works of the great and renowned authors. We take advantage of scientific development, but we are the human beings, not a machine. So we also possess an emotional and artistic nature within us. So to write a comparative essay on education of science and literature is a great one.

What all you have to do :

  • Make sure that you have read all the points beforehand, which you want to include in your essay. To establish a good write up, you need to go through the points carefully. By this you can mark your points and can take mental preparation.
  • Draw a list of similarities and differences of the scientific education and the literary education. Try to point out the advantages and the disadvantages also.
  • After making the list, try to make an argument on the contents of the list. Make it your central argument in the essay. Try to consider their importance their effects on the society and the outcome of it.
  • Make a survey report on the urge of studying science and literature of the students, with the help of the internet. Gather as much as information from there and add it to your writing.
  • Outline your essay before writing. If you plan your steps of writing, then it will be easier for you to accumulate the information during the writing. This also will help you to search out the main points and remove the unwanted points. Arranging the main and interesting points will lead you to write a good essay.
  • Add the evidences to your work, that you have collected to make it more informative. Always check for the faulty arguments and grammatical errors. Try to put some criticized points. Make sure that each paragraph contains the points for both literature and science.
  • After completing your work, recheck all the points to get an assurance of not using any faulty arguments or any type of mistakes.