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How To Compose A Persuasive Essay On Gay Marriage: Practical Tips

Marriage is a difficult topic to handle in general, because you can never know people good enough. Gay marriage is twice more difficult, since there are so many different opinions about it. You need to be extremely careful when you discuss it in your persuasive essay. Do not forget that this kind of composition is supposed to convince people to believe in your ideas, so you do not have to be harsh in any way. Be calm and realistic and come up with valid arguments instead of strong opinions. These practical tips will help you:

  • Don’t involve religion. This is the first thing that you have to remember when you discuss this topic. Some people have very strong religious opinions and you don’t want to offend them in any way, so it’s better to stay away from this. Most of religions do not agree with homosexuality so there is no point to try to argue with this idea.
  • Involve the science. Some people seem to think that homosexuality is a disease or a mental condition. In the last years, scientists proved that actually, it is something extremely normal in humans and aliments. If you explain this to your colleagues carefully, they might change some of their conceptions. Also, try to expose what a gay person feels from psychological point of view. They are not odd or strange; they simply feel attracted of another people, like all of us.
  • Take an interview. As much as you try to explain this to others, they will not fully understand if you are not homosexual. To overcome this obstacle, why not take an interview to a gay person? They will openly talk about how they feel, how the society thinks about him and what does he want to achieve in life. They will notice easily that a gay person is like any other and they deserve to get married like everyone else.
  • Discuss the benefits. First of all, let them think about all the orphans that could finally have a family. It does not matter if they will have two mothers, as long as they are happy and healthy. Even more, gay people will not be considered a strange minority, but a normal part of society. Even person has the right to follow his own beliefs, even if they are not as common as others.