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Skills Needed In The 21st Century: Great Essay Topics For College

When professionals and educators discuss “21st Century Skills” they refer to the expanded range of competencies and specific skills that go beyond what has been traditionally taught in schools. Generally, these new skills are considered important to help people problem solve and think critically within the jobs that will matter most in the future. There are several topics for consideration when discussing this concept. Here are a few great suggestions for a college essay:

  1. How early should children begin to train towards acquiring the skills that are needed in the 21st century? Is it wrong to teach these competencies long before a student has an idea of what he or she wants to do professionally?
  2. The skills that make the list of the most important ones to have in the 21st century are there only in theory. What would be the potential societal harm if those skills aren’t important?
  3. Do you think schools or businesses should make the larger investment with time and money in developing the new needed competencies of this next century? Should businesses invest by providing schools with funding?
  4. What role should governments play in providing certified training to today’s workers? Does this fall under government procurement policies or is this a personal responsibility?
  5. Does the need for new skills pave the way for a new industry of learning? Which companies are poised to take advantage of this up and coming sector in education and training?
  6. How will the addition of “21st Century Skills” in standard curriculum affect the other subjects? For instance, will arts or the humanities receive less funding at public institutions to make way for more technological and communication-based subjects?
  7. As advances in technology continue to automate systems that used to require a team of workers, will acquiring new competencies be the only option left for job seekers? What will this do too economies?
  8. How will on the job training differ in this new century? For instance, will employers provide training or will they look for more qualified applicants to replace current employees who can’t meet the new requirements?
  9. Do you predict any new kinds of policies to take the main stage in upcoming elections revolving around the issues of 21st century skills and competencies?
  10. Besides the skills that are already identified as necessary in this century, what else do you think will be important to know moving forward into the second half of the century?