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The Role Of Historical Figures


Historical figures are rich subject both in context and in entirety. The complex nature of world politics and Geopolitics as well as the world economic and social systems dictate that we borrow heavily from each other on a daily basis. In our quest of understanding the operation of world systems, we need to understand to a great deal the place of historical figures in order to borrow from them, rectify their mistakes or integrate their tactics and procedures in various aspects of life for a seamless flow and functionality. We examine below the meaning and role of historical figures in life.

Historical figures refer to all personalities – whether political, economic, administrative, war-personnel or any other field of life, who span their effects within their places of origin and affect other groups of people, beyond their borders or social stratus and whose essence has been upheld and recognized widely as being influential. Such people possess much charisma or even negative qualities and certain identities have been attached to them not only by the people they came from but also those they affected, whether positively or negatively in the course of their activities. Such personalities are studied from one generation to the other and thus play a crucial role when in international relations.

Divisive historical figures are known to ignite and increase tension among warring parties. This is the case when such people are known to have committed war crimes – whether true or are suspected to have done similar crimes. Such is the case when we mention figures such as Adolf Hitler who is considered a serial killer of certain categories of people, as well as the consideration of Japanese military commanders by the Chinese, who view them as war criminals. In such cases, Historical figures play a divisive role in the people they affect.


Historical figures also play a crucial role in acting as unitary factors among divergent groups of people. Certain key figures who played a role in quelling wars, settling conflicts and fighting for freedom are some of those who are revered among different groups of people as important elements of human history. The historical figures who fought to stop slave trade and enhance the equality of human beings as well as judges who made certain important judgments to end illegal and inhuman practices in world history fall under this category. Such people are upheld as role models, seen as the champions of human dignity and act as important elements when campaigning for similar achievements.