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The Most Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics To Write About

Interesting topic ideas can really make or break a paper. Teachers have to grade hundreds of papers every year, and they have heard every topic. To get the teacher to wake up and really read the essay, students should select an entirely unique idea. They should pick a topic idea that they actually care about because it will make the writing process much easier.

Choosing a Topic

In some classes, the teacher will have a list of topics that the student can choose from. If the teacher does not provide specific topics, it is up to the student to find different ideas. Students can begin by looking online at different examples. They may want to read through the editorial section of the newspaper to see common argumentative topics. If the student still needs ideas, they can read through some of the following ideas.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should employees be required to turn off their cell phones when they are at work?
  2. Is climate change caused by man?
  3. How effective is the death penalty at deterring crime? Is it more or less expensive than a life sentence?
  4. Does having easy access to condoms increase the chances that students will engage in risky behavior?
  5. Are there ever situations where torture is acceptable?
  6. Should smoking be banned completely? Should states be required to adopt rules that ban smoking near public venues?
  7. Is it fair to judge a school by the test scores produced by students?
  8. Are people too dependent on technology like computers?
  9. Is the current election process in the United States a fair way to choose the president?
  10. If casinos are illegal outside of Native American land and Nevada, why are states allowed to operate lotteries?
  11. Are cheating and plagiarism becoming major issues in American schools?
  12. If women are given maternity leave from work, should men be able to use paternity leave to get off of work as well?
  13. Should schools be allowed to teach creationism instead of evolution?
  14. At what age should parents be allowed to make their own decisions?
  15. Should the government be allowed to choose what we eat by taxing some foods more?
  16. Are condoms actually effective at lowering teenage pregnancy rates?
  17. Should the military be allowed to recruit at school?
  18. Do violent video games actually lead to a rise in violence?
  19. Is it ethical to use animals for medical or cosmetic research?
  20. Are crimes like kidnapping and murder actually on the rise or do people just hear about them more due to the media?