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Out Of School Youth

It is unfortunate that some youths do not get the chance to complete school. This happens due to a number of reasons including lack of school fees, drugs and substance abuse, sickness and pregnancy among other things. Unfortunately, most of them are not able or willing to go back to school. Accordingly, this essay states that out of school youth should go through various programs so that they can become productive in life.

Importance of Getting Occupational Skills and Volunteering

Foremost, there are various occupational skills that can help young people to get into the job market with ease. Such include construction, catering, community development, and health care skills. The best thing is that most of the programs take a short period, which enables the young persons to take as many courses as possible. Also, organizations running the programs can help them to find permanent jobs in various companies.

Additionally, there are some programs that may change the behavior, and hence the life of the out of school youths. For instance, a program teaching them on how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases or how to deal with the diseases is crucial. Also, young people should go through programs on how to deal with drugs addiction. Still, other than just changing their behavior, they can also share the skills with other young people, and thus help build better societies. Nonetheless, the right approach used to teach some of these programs so that as many youths as possible are encouraged to enroll in them. Also, the information on where to find rehabilitation centers and training should be readily available.

Volunteering can also help an out of school youth to identify their gifts and areas of passion. They also have a chance to interact with other successful people in the society, and thus will be inspired to become better people in the future. Some programs also involve travelling around the world, which brings in more exposure to the youths. Further, they get the chance to utilize their time well and, therefore, avoid being engaged in undesirable behavior.

Finding Funds for the Out of Youth Programs

Organizations must consider funding programs for young people who have financial challenges. In actual sense, some of them may be ready to go back to school if a chance and finances are offered to them. Donors and the government should therefore channel enough money to enable the young people to go through school and various occupational programs. Precisely, the lives of the out of school youth can be changed if they enroll in various occupational and volunteering programs.