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What Should I Know In Order To Write My Essay Properly?

Essay writing is not an easy job to do because you need to be a thinker as well as a good converter of the thoughts into beautiful words to perform this job. Well, there are certain tips you can follow in order to write a good paper. Most important things include the vocabulary and also the practice. The more you write, the more you will learn about your mistakes. But in this article you will be guided about the structure of the essay that plays the most important part in determining your grades in the writing. You must divide your essay into five parts.


A formal introduction of the topic of your essay and few lines about it. You must put in something in the starting lines of the introductory paragraph that grabs the attention of the readers. Then comes the thesis statement and right after the statement you must write a few lines explaining what you are going to write in the next paragraphs.

Starting Part

The first paragraph includes the topic of your essay and right after that you have to give some lines supporting your argument including some proof or facts. After these two things, now you have to explain these both in such a way that reader can get everything clearly what you wanted to tell him or her.

Middle Part

Starting with something you are in favor of, but not as much as you believe in things you mentioned in the first paragraph. Obviously this paragraph would relate with the first paragraph, but a successful writer is the one who can give a new aspect to the writing.

Second Last Part

The second last paragraph demonstrates the least important things in the paper that needs to be explained, but not in detail. You have to give proper proves that what you are saying is how much right. At the end of the paragraph, you need to prepare the readers that the story is near its finishing line.


Conclusion is the wrapping of all the information which was given in the previous three paragraphs. You have to combine all of the information you provided in these three paragraphs and once again you have to show your stance and defend your point of view with clear logics and reasoning. Conclude your writing in such a way that it contains all the stuff you explained in last paragraphs.