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Age Discrimination In The Workplace

Age discrimination is a situation that is likely to be found or experienced in any given workplace. This is likely to happen if the workforce comprises of people who are youthful and those that are elderly. The fact is that depending on a workplace either the old or the young may suffer from age discrimination. It is wrong for any employers to allow age discrimination or to practice it in the workplace. This is unlawful, and constitutions of different nations have provisions that prohibit the practice among the employers of different workplaces. Many people or employed may be suffering from age discriminations but keep quiet or silent about it. Those who practice age discrimination in the workplace should be sued. This is one of the ways of discouraging the age discrimination practice and awareness creation of all the workers’ rights. The effects of age discrimination in the workplace can be dangerous. For this reason, all efforts should be aimed at age discrimination reduction in the workplaces. There are several signs that a person or some employees are discriminated on the basis of their age.

Signs of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Some companies are very unfair to the individuals they want to discriminate against. For one, a competent person may lack to be hired because of the age. The signs for those in the workplaces are sometimes harmful and undesirable. The frequent use of offensive comments directed to individuals that are mostly old in the workplace is one of these signs. These observations are biased as they are directed to some individuals and not others. Promotions in such a workplace are given to people of certain ages and not others. Promotions are mainly given to youthful in the organizations. This is age discrimination against the elderly in the workplace. Frequent comparison by the employer of tasks performed and making negative comments on individuals in the workplace with consideration of age is also very unfair. Harassment is also common in the workplaces where age discrimination is practiced. Those who are discriminated against can also face harassment. This can be a mechanism for discouraging them from continuing working for the organization.

Impacts of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Age discrimination demoralizes those who are discriminated against. Productivity may thus reduce, or the individuals may quit jobs. Age discrimination causes hostility and unfriendliness in the organization. Those who are favored feel that they are better than the rest.