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The 15 Most Interesting Topics For A Discussion Essay

A discussion essay requires the author to fully explore a topic and express their views and opinion on the particular topic in an objective manner, They are not required to convince the reader of any one particular view, simply to explore the topic to its fullest leaving no aspect unexplored. Here are 15 interesting Discussion essay titles for your consideration:

  1. Marijuana is illegal only because it would put synthetic medicine manufacturers out of business.
  2. Cellphones have drastically changed the way we formulate personal relationships with others.
  3. We are slowly becoming machines interacting more with devices than other living human beings.
  4. Smoking of cigarettes should be made illegal since it is one of the leading causes of unnatural death worldwide.
  5. Alcohol consumption does not cause a person to act irrationally, a drunk person acts foolishly on purpose.
  6. Money is a harmful tool that serves to make it easier to subjugate the less fortunate and favor the wealthy.
  7. Movie going is becoming obsolete as a form of entertainment since all movies can be streamed directly from the internet from the comfort of your home.
  8. The educational industry is highly inefficient since only a small percentage of the persons that pass through the system go on to become elite professionals.
  9. Liars lack the ability to form meaningful relationships with others and so are destined to be alone for the entirety of their lives.
  10. If African countries ever united, it could mean the birth of a new world order drastically upsetting the balance of power on Earth.
  11. Many people have never eaten a fresh fruit and that should not be allowed to continue, we are becoming too dependent on artificial forms of food.
  12. Can dogs be considered a life form created by humans to worship us and therefore, humans can be considered Gods to dogs?
  13. Genetic modification in food crops should be encouraged because it can very well be the worldwide cure for starvation that we have been seeking for so many years.
  14. Humans should return to a simpler way of life that involves physical labor and no motorized vehicles since we were healthier before the invention of our current devices.
  15. Cats are just as affectionate as dogs are, they just express it differently however the fact that they have many human like behaviors show that the connection we have with cats is just as significant as the one we have with dogs.