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What Is The Difference Between An Expository And An Argumentative Essay

Previously you have always been assigned a specific type of essay, so you could learn what they looked like and how to write them properly. But now you have reached the next step in your academic career. You have been assigned the task but the teacher did not tell you what sort it is, now you’ve got to decide what kind of work you are supposed to be writing. It is time to put your knowledge to the test.

Go through the question and highlight the keywords. The important point is how the question is worded. Contrasting an expository paper with an argumentative paper is explainable as “What?” and “What if?”

What? The Expository essay.

  • You are required to present the facts in an unemotional and non-opinionated way.
  • The thesis is a narrow statement which the writer then presents clear evidence to support.
  • You should appear neutral as you write
  • Structure:
  • Introduction: Presents the topic and the purpose of the work

    Body Paragraphs: Divides the topic into sub-points to explain, compare or classifying contingent on the nature of the question.

    Conclusion: Draws everything together to remind the reader of the purpose of the writing.

  • Question style:
    1. Describe a statue you have seen in town and present its history
    2. What makes a good roommate at college?
    3. How does a good teacher affect your education? Provide an example from your experience.

What if? The Argumentative essay.

  • Your purpose is to convince the reader of a particular point of view.
  • Using your opinion but also facts and logic to sway your reader.
  • You should clearly state which side of the argument you support.
  • Structure:
  • Introduction: Using anecdote and controversy lead your reader to the point where you clearly state the argument and which side you support.

    Body Paragraphs: Present all the evidence that supports your case, and then present the counter-arguments that are then shown to be undermined by your evidence.

    Conclusion: Do not introduce anything new but here you must be at your most convincing as you bring your reader to your point of view.

  • Question Style:
    1. Opening doors for women is wrong – pick your side.
    2. As we do more business with Asia, Chinese should be the business language for the world.
    3. Violence in the newspaper is exaggerated as a way to bring more readers on board.