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List Of Controversial Argumentative Essays Topics About Zoos

The world today is overwhelmed with the thought of how to curb the rapid ongoing global warming problem. There has been millions of contribution by government and the World Bank as well into development that tend to reduce the rate at which the problem grows. Some of the problems that accompany global warming and the overall growth of population is the risk of extinction of animal species. This in turn has led to governments across the world setting up zoos to house animals that may be under the risk of extinction. The project has been met with great support with the public and animal loving citizens. However, there have been challenges and problems that have come up with them.

The zoo topic is quite a rich and informative topic that is suitable for a class application. In case you are in search of good argumentative essay topics, you can most definitely find several good ones for your students or group. There are so many to choose from that can act as study guides to learn more about zoos than we already know.

Some of the good argumentative essay topics that you can up with about zoos include the following:

  • Do you think it’s just for animals to be confined in closed places as zoos tend to do?
  • Do you support the move by authorities to sale all unwanted animals in zoos to the circus?
  • Do you think it’s safe for zoo managers to have the go ahead to sell animals to wealthy and influential people in society?
  • Is it beneficial or risky to have zoos being developed in town centers where the population of people is very high?
  • Do you think zoos are more aimed at entertaining people rather than protecting endangered animals?
  • Do you think the bringing up of zoo animals who are bred and interbred is an offset to the natural balance of nature?
  • Do you think interspecies breeding of animals in zoos should be allowed?
  • Do you support the scientific research being done on animals in zoos in search of cures for diseases?
  • Do you think the animal rights activists move to disband zoos is right and plausible in any way?
  • Do you think the founding of zoos has aided in the black market demand rise for indigenous species?

You can choose any of the above topics for your writing and produce an impressive argumentative essay on zoos.