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Essay Topics On Noise Pollution: 15 Great Suggestions

Noise pollution has become a popular concern for big cities and areas with dense location of big plants and factories. That is why if you need to compose a winning essay dedicated to noise pollution, you will find a lot of good topics and plenty of material to support your point of view.

If you have a topic from your teacher, you can simply look for information on the subject on the Internet or in libraries. In case you need to choose an essay topic yourself, you should feel free to invent it on your own or choose something from databases and samples that are available online. As well, below you can find a list of good topics that are very likely to bring you success with your research paper.

  1. Are biotic and abiotic noises in the nature a kind of noise pollution?
  2. Can noise pollution be found outside of big cities, away from big factories and plants, or another anthropogenic sources of noise?
  3. Which are the main sources of noise pollution in a big city?
  4. Which factors can increase the negative influence of noise on city population and turn usual sounds into harmful noise pollution?
  5. What’s the danger that the noise and electromagnetic pollution bring into people’s homes?
  6. Is your home exposed to noise pollution? How do you fight its negative impact?
  7. Which personal characteristics determine vulnerability of a person to the impact of noise (gender, age, health condition, etc.)?
  8. Can noise cause a positive effect on a person’s health, mood and workability, apart from the harm caused by the noise pollution?
  9. What’s the influence of noise pollution on the ecosystem? How does it influence living beings and their lifestyle, and how does their new lifestyle influences the ecosystem?
  10. What’s the negative impact of sonar sounds (and the noise pollution caused by them) on inhabitants of seas and oceans?
  11. How can the impact of the noise pollution be reduced? What have you done to make your own home more noiseproof?
  12. What are the standards that allow qualifying a sound as dangerous noise? Which noises fall into this category?
  13. How do they plan cities, considering the amount of noise in different districts? What are so-called noise maps?
  14. If we make our homes completely noise protected, will we feel better without both the noise pollution and all other sounds?
  15. If noise pollution is dangerous, is absolute silence better for a person’s well-being?