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Google Search Engine

The computer existed many decades before it was made usable for the average man and woman without a degree in computing. Part of this was made possible by user friendly software that made the interaction of user and the computer’s parts much simpler. When the internet was first created it was similarly difficult to use but one of the most important breakthroughs in usability was the invention of the search engine. This allowed anyone to type in a word or phrase and have the results based on their search returned to them in a fairly ordered manner. Search engines have become crucial to our existence and our ability to interact seamlessly with our environments. This essay gives some detail about the world’s most famous search engine (and one of it’s largest companies), Google.

How did it all begin?

In 1996, Google was created by Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It was a very low budget project and even the logo was simply the word typed out in a simple font with different colored letters. This was not the first search engine to ever exist and similar technology was independently created by another inventor in China. It was, however the right time for something of that nature to come about. Internet popularity was now beginning to build, the dot com bubble had not yet burst and computers were no longer associated with being a nerd.

What makes Google special?

Originally, Google’s popularity was based on its method of searching through back-links that made it more efficient at producing results than other engines at the time. Soon their methods became standard in the industry however. This might have spelled the end of any other company but Google took a radical approach to remaining relevant. Where others might pay lip service to employee comfort and innovation, Google has been a leader in both of those areas. The offices from which the company operates are extremely spacious, decorated in whimsical ways and provide free food for employees. This relieves most of the discomfort that might otherwise keep them from stumbling on the better ideas. Beyond the search engine, Google has acquired several other companies, some not as clearly linked to their industry.

Despite its humble beginnings, Google has grown to be a billion dollar company with offices worldwide. It has outlived many online fads and remains the most commonly used search engine on Earth.