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John Adams

The role Mr. John Adams was mostly remembered for is being the second president of the United States of America. Apart from serving in this position, some of his other noble accomplishments include being the first American vice president and assisting Mr. Thomas Jefferson in creating the declaration of independence. He lived between 1735 - 1826 and, during this early period in American history, he naturally shunned slavery and never owned a slave. Mr. Adams was not the only political or influential person emerging from his family as his cousin Samuel Adams was a revolutionary leader in Boston at the time.

As a political theorist, lawyer and historian, Mr. Adams naturally devised political alternatives and influenced America accordingly. Other exploits include aiding peace treaty discussions with Europe which allowed loans to be approved by Amsterdam banks and providing sufficient defense for the Quasi war with France. Because his key adviser was his wife and he made some pivotal decisions like nominating persons who successfully fulfilled their roles in government, many people hold great respect for him. Although he experienced objection from the Jeffersonian republicans and some larger groups within his own governmental federalist party, he was the first president to serve out his term in the white house.

Although most of his accomplishments were not celebrated or acknowledged when he was alive, it is understood that he undeniably forged a legacy that will stand the test of time called: The Adams political family. One of his sons became the sixth president of the United States making this father son relationship unique until the Bush family followed suit. John was born in Quincy, Massachusetts but the place was transformed into a national historical park. As a lawyer he grew in reputation and dignity for he meticulously analyzed historical examples to define his case. These types of feats will surely bring a person into the spotlight.

Another act of fame was his opposition to the Stamp Act 1765 and subsequent bashing by many who disagree, a bible verse was also used to demean his efforts. The question is: had John’s perspectives and solutions to certain issues been processed by the authorities differently and made legislation, would America still develop the way it did up until now? Some people look at his Puritan ancestry and treat him with respect and can easily agree with his ideals but there are others who despise this trait. Before his death in 1826 he made a statement about America which some historians deem a warning.