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How To Compose A 9th Grade Persuasive Essay: Basic Manual

9th grade writing standards are pretty high and hence students need to have adequate knowledge and skills while presenting their persuasive essays. 9th grade students are expected to write error free compositions with clear language, coherent structure, with proper use of mechanics, conventions and tightly reasonable arguments.

Check out some important points of concern while writing a persuasive essay

  • A persuasive essay should be logically structured with sustained arguments fabricating notions in a logical fashion.
  • Essays should have rhetoric devices by which you can support your assertions logically whether it is in context of emotional or ethical belief, based on a case study, a personal anecdote or is analogy based.
  • The student is supposed to present his writing with proper evidences. It should include use of facts, opinions of professional experts, exercise of quotations and expressions of popularly cited beliefs with logical reasoning.
  • Another important aspect is refuting the arguments of opposite party while addressing the reader’s expectations, biases, concerns and counterclaims.

5 Steps to compose the writing process

Step 1: Prewriting: Plan every aspect of the essay. Students should choose the side they are willing to support and should write from the audience perspective. The paper should be convincing with proper evidences and research sources.

  • Outline: Fabricate strongest arguments first creating an outline and then the weaker ones considerably.
  • Introduction: Make a mind-blowing start offering overview of the topic and reveal yourself influentially.
  • Body paragraphs: There should be at least 5-6 paragraphs and should focus on evidences accordingly by offering sufficient detail of the subject.
  • Refute: Elaborate and then counter attack the key points of the opposition view.
  • Concluding paragraph: Restate and emphasize your proposal with strong evidences.

Step 2: Drafting: While writing the introductory paragraph; start with a question, quotation, emphatic statement, fact or statistic to grab the audience attention. Ensure it does not raise any doubts and each paragraph is covered with evidences separately. The conclusion should be summarized with significant facts and figures and encourage the reader to take your position.

Step 3: Revision: This is the time you should review your mistakes and make modifications reorganizing your work. Take care of punctuation, spellings, capitalization etc.

Step 4: Editing: Go for proof reading and make corrections in terms of grammar and mechanical issues. Enhance writing style and make everything apparent. Make an expert read your paper and ask for any further edits from a fresh perspective.

Step 5: Get your persuasive essay published: Share it with your entire class. Use the feedback and try to write a better one next time.