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Choosing Strong Lord Of The Flies Informative Essay Topics

In 1954, Nobel Prize winner William Golding wrote a masterpiece book called ‘Lord of the Flies. The biggest rub was his innovative idea of using children as characters of the book. Yet, the underlying motions and significance of the book are related more to adults.

Discernible traits

The writer has utilized colonial straits; often summing that British boys are not expected to behave in such a way. Therein, you feel a hint of racism as well; apparent also in the way Piggy is treated by many.

Scope for essay

The book creates a dystopian world and through it sketches the innate tendencies of humans to find chaos wherever they go. The writer sews together different-natured children, who all pander to vices in his/her way. This book offers sensational scopes for elaboration. Needless to say, there have been scores of poignant essay topics carved out of Lord of the Flies.

Here are 10 informative essay topics on Lord of the Flies for your purview –

  1. Does the book emphasize that left to themselves; even the most innocent can turn deceitful and dangerous? Write an essay on it.
  2. Analyze Simon’s character as the sole voice of reason among a cacophony.
  3. Evaluate the layers of Ralph’s character; as his innate goodness often gets overridden by ambition.
  4. Explain the metaphor when children become normal in front of a naval officer himself engaged in war. Does it show that smaller troubles seem still in the backdrop of a bigger trouble?
  5. Does the book succeed in driving the point home that there is a beast in everybody; or does the fact that the characters are children dilute the precept somewhat?
  6. Explain the significance of the dead parachutist in an essay. Does he assert the normal human tendency of making a mountain out of a molehill?
  7. Has the writer consciously tamed the evil Jack in the end; or is Jack unfairly branded as evil because he is best equipped to take that place?
  8. Explain the impact of conch in the book. Olden rulers were identified with their specters; current countries gain respect with money in hand. Is the conch metaphoric in that sense?
  9. Explain the biblical connotations in the book; e.g., Simon shows glimpses of Moses and Jesus Christ while Lord of the Flies (the pig’s head) itself is a reference to Beelzebub.
  10. Write an essay on whether you feel pessimistic at the end; registering it as the ‘end of innocence’; or whether you take the optimistic angle as grasp it a ‘restoring of parity’?