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Writing An Effective Essay On Pride And Prejudice In 5 Easy Steps

Pride and Prejudice is a perfect book. Perfect is not a word that any respectable person should throw around loosely. That being said Pride and Prejudice is perfect, absolutely perfect. Elizabeth has too much prejudice, and Darcy has too much pride. The book just works. Therefore, whenever writing about this perfect little book, the writer must bear in mind the literary weight carried by this book.

In order to write a good essay, the writing process should follow a few simple steps, some of which can be in the following forms.


This is the first and most important step of the writing process. Remember that there are no bad ideas during this step of the process. Right now you need to come up with all the ridiculous idea, opinions, theories, notions or arguments as you can, and write them all down.

What about Liz’s sisters? What about that puny little crybaby sister of Liz who got married to that cookie faced moron who was infatuated with Liz? Why did Darcy not tell Liz why he had done the huge favor for her family? Was it to win over Liz? Was it something that just did out of the kindness of his heart? Was he stupid or something? There are no bad questions, only bad answers.

Draft a thesis/antithesis

Firstly remember that it is you who is writing the paper not some third person, and so, do not write in third person. Also, your thesis or antithesis will be the pivotal fulcrum upon which the remainder of your work will be based, so make it worthwhile, and do not half ass it.

Your introduction will make or break your essay

You read the newspaper? If yes, then you know that most people usually do not read beyond the headline, or the first paragraph. Essays are defined by the interest they create, thus, make your essay interesting and catchy through your introduction. If it lacks luster, or bores your reader, you can forget about them reading any further.

The body should be a full body

Your body of the essay should be full bodied, and should follow adequate structure and organization. Since you will be developing a central thesis or antithesis and not multiple ones, all of your body paragraphs should transitionally develop your objective of writing.

In conclusion, conclude well

We readers have this problem of forgetting what we just read, don’t let us forget it please. Reiterate what you said in the essay, if you so please, please.