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How To Improve Your School Essay – Professional Advice

Essays are common writing assignments that you will frequently deal with in school. These are useful intellectual exercises where you should build strong arguments on different topics and present them effectively in a limited word count. You may have marvelous ideas on the assigned topics, but your grades may constantly remind that your writing needs polishing. If this is the case, don’t worry. It’s not so difficult to write better essays if you consider the following advice.

  • Get rid of repetitions.
  • Your paper is devoted to one theme, and it isn’t strange that you use the same words throughout it. However, if possible, eliminate excessive wordiness and repetitive words that your piece of writing could easily be without. If you get off topic by doing so, replace the repetition with another word or phrase carrying the same meaning. Refer to a thesaurus to find the best substitutions. Use proper names instead of pronouns. Don’t replace your repetitions with obscure words and phrases.

  • Write in the active voice.
  • Your essay will only benefit if you give preference to the constructions with active voice rather than passive. Perform actions in your sentences, and your paper will be more alive.

  • Eliminate all trite phrases.
  • Don’t use any clichés or standard phrases in your writing. Sometimes, it’s even better to delete all idioms, metaphors, and similes from your paper, especially if they are banal and unoriginal. Substitute them with apt comparisons and neat statements of your own. Your teacher will definitely appreciate this originality of your thought, and your paper will advantageously stand out from the crowd.

  • Write in the present tense.
  • This tip is particularly true for literary analysis papers. Whenever the book was written and the events in it took place, write in the literary present, as if the situation is developing here and now.

  • Proofread your writing carefully.
  • In order to avoid hidden spelling mistakes, remember to run a spellcheck before submitting your paper. Look for grammar errors as well. It’s always better to reread your work for several times and polish it rather than feel ashamed for your inattention.

  • Ask for a second opinion.
  • A second pair of eyes will always be helpful. Ask your friend or relative to read your school essay and listen to their comments. Some of your errors may remain unnoticed for you while they will strike the eye of other people. They may not only notice your mistakes, but also give useful advice on how to improve the writing style in your paper.