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What To Know About The Format Of A 500 – Word Essay

Writing a short essay might seem like a tough task to do, but really it’s a pretty easy one, if the topic is well studied and given thought about.

  • Things we are required to be included in an effective write up
  • A 500 words write up is a perfect length to express the necessary amount of knowledge about the topic. It is a perfect length for the writer to show the expertise over the topic, whereas it doesn’t need copious amount of research. With sufficient understanding of the topic, one can research and rewrite the same in own words within an hour’s time. Since it is very necessary for the students to write a lot of write ups during the academics, it is useful to know the methods and tools needed to make format of essay easier.

  • Flawless language and grammar
  • The mainframe of a format of essay shall include proper grammar, proper usage of words, their spellings and formatting. A good writer will make sure there are no such errors in writing regardless of the spell-checks used. Once the article is complete, a thorough proof-reading is mandatory.

  • Font size and alienation
  • The title of the write up shall be size 12 font, center justified with the first, last and other important words being capitalized. The default margins shall be one inch to the top, bottom and sides to give a professional look.

The crispness of the format plays a major role in a short essay. This shall usually contain 3 parts.

  1. Introduction
  2. The statement of the given topic, ways to make it sound interesting and the approach methods you have in mind to carry on with.

  3. Body
    • raise questions and find answers through your research, explain how arrived at the answers briefly.
    • share your ideas, experiments and strategies that you have put in during the research process.
    • support the content with appropriate citations and images. Make sure that the support contents of your write ups are listed in the reference section.
  4. Conclusion
  5. The conclusion shall be only up to 50 words and should be crisp driving the point. Discuss only the points that are already been mentioned earlier. Make sure not to introduce any fresh points in the conclusion.

Writing a 500 word write up isn’t that bad is it? You just have to put yourselves in the reader’s shoes and think out of box with relevance to the topics given.