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How To Craft A Strong 3-Page Personal Narrative Essay About Family

Writing a narrative essay is pretty simple. It is not as complex as other types of writing where you have to reflect on your thoughts, defend your point of view or compare and contrast two different subjects. In a narrative essay you will have to illustrate the topic, in this family in the different facts about family. It is probably the simplest possible type of writing and one which does not require much effort.

A simple and basic format

A three page personal narrative about family is simple and easy. You will have to follow the traditional format of linear story telling. You can begin in first person mode since it is supposed to be written about your own family. You can read some of the auto biographies to get a good idea. There is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens that has been written in a simple narrative style. The first section of the novel is from the viewpoint of a child and can be very helpful for your research. You can choose to write from your personal experience or completely make up the settings. It all depends on how you want to portray the image. A narrative essay is very much like drawing a picture and you can decide how it is supposed to look like.

A different and fresh perspective

You can always have a fresh approach. Since most students will be writing about their own families and what they do at home, you can build a fictional world with your own character. Though you will be writing in first person, you can always create your own situations and illustrate how these characters behave in these settings.

If you want to bring out the true nature of a family you will have to narrate the various conflicts and quarrels that take place in a family. For those who believe in happily ever after, they can write how these conflicts are resolved and how the power of love and bonding prevails. But those who like to sip from the cup of bitterness they can actually illustrate real life incidents where the conflicts spiral out of control leading to devastation and ultimate ruins of the family.

Once you have completed the paper do your editing and proofreading to make sure it is devoid of errors. A grammatical or spelling mistake can easily put off the reader so try to rectify those completely.