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The Main Kinds Of A Narrative Essay: Instructions From A Professional Writer

A narrative essay is a type of descriptive paper where the writer needs to narrate his personal experiences, a memory, a good or bad deed, a lesson, or a physical place in the form of a story. You would use first person to indicate your presence in the events that occurred. The main idea of this paper is to engage your readers in a story using strong verbs to describe the actions that were taking place. Such assignment may have you directly involved in the events and the story or may talk about a case where you are just the observer in the story.

You can create a narrative essay using different tools and strategies in order to make the most out of it. The type of this paper would depend on the following.

Imagery is the type of assignment where you provide visual guidance to your readers by using figurative language. This should use the five senses of the readers and give them a sense of actually being there at the incident. You will use strong adjectives and nouns to help the readers give a sense of your subject.

Personification is another type of the narrative writing when you give the qualities of a human or an animal to an inanimate object. This could be the grass danced with the wind. Now we understand that grass cannot dance but the statement shows that the writer was personifying an object to give a proper sense to the readers of what was actually happening.

The other type of narration is when you have to exaggerate or rather over exaggerate a certain thing in your assignment. This strategy or technique is known as hyperbole. You may write for example, I walked trillion miles to get food. Now you know that no one would walk trillion miles but it is just an example of how hard it was for you to go bare foot to get the food.

The other type of narrative writing is alliteration is when a writer would use the same letters together in a sentence. This technique is used to either help the reader memorize a certain thing or to create the paper engaging for the readers. For example, clever cat climbed the clown.

These are all the major types of narrative writing that you can use in your essay depending upon your preferences. However, the other techniques include myth, epic, fable, fantasy, captivity narrative, fiction etc.