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Top 15 Essay Topics On The Latin American Culture In The USA

The Latin America culture in the USA is vibrant and energetic, and your essay needs to capture this spirit. I would be incredibly excited if I were tasked with this subject as the scope is absolutely gigantic. Whether you are Latin American yourself or come from a completely different background, this is one of those topics when you can really let your hair down and shine. So, before you all start racing for the nearest laptop let’s just stake a moment or two to mull to figure out how you break it all down and decide on a specific topic and just in case you are in need of a little inspiration here are my top 15 Latin American essay picks:

  1. Explore the family structure of Latin American’s. How does this differ from other ethnic groups? Can lessons be learned and applied?
  2. How much influence will the Latin American vote have on the 2016 Presidential elections? Explore the measures that politicians are in a bid to secure Latin American votes.
  3. Explore the history of Latin America. Are the ties with Spain and Portugal still strong, or do Latin Americans have a “new” sense of identity? Do their origins really matter to the bulk of its people?
  4. U.S. involvement in Latin America. Can the U.S. be trusted to do the “right thing?” Who are main economic winners?
  5. Obama’s historic deal with Castro. Is this a good, or a bad thing for Latin Americans? Will a Republican presidency row back on the deal, and if so what would that mean for relations between America and Cuba?
  6. Explore American foreign policy during the Cold War and how this impacted upon relations between America and its Latin American counterparts.
  7. Explore the issues faced by ordinary Americans that live on the border with Latin American countries.
  8. The Falklands conflict was a defining moment for relations between Britain and Argentina. What if anything can America do to improve relations between the two? Will the issue of sovereignty of the Falklands ever be resolved?
  9. The drugs cartels of Latin America. Is this an international problem rather than just an American one?
  10. Dictatorship vs. Democracy. Can democracy be achieved across much of Latin America in the long term?
  11. Cuba under Fidel Castro
  12. Should immigrant workers from Latin America be given more legal protection? Do they have a role to play?
  13. The rise of Islam in Latin America
  14. Modern day slavery in Latin America – Is the U.S doing enough to eradicate this problem?
  15. The history of dancing in Latin America