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Kinds Of Managers

Over the past years, people have realized that the most important aspect of a business is management. A business or organization that that has a good management is bound to have good results. Managers are the people that control most of the activities in any business. They are there to ensure smooth flow of activities so as to achieve the set goals. Many organizations have different levels of management. The levels depend on the actions that each is assigned to. The management levels are in an order and include the lower level, middle level and top level management. The decisions made at all these levels differ in magnitude. The most important thing in management is the style that all these people use. Different managers employ different methods of management. These styles are the ones that lead to the various kinds of control that we have. The most common kinds of management are discussed below.

Kinds and Styles of managers

In your work areas, you should know that there are different types of managers and employees need to know they how to handle different managers. The most common Manager is the control type. These managers are wanted to control everything and will most of the time hoard information. The other type of managers is the ones that mind about their ideas only. They do not care about their employees and find it hard to give credit for work done by their juniors. We then have the blame fixers. These managers want to distance themselves from mistakes made by their employees and avoid taking the responsibility for results from their departments. It is, however, funny how they jump in hijack credit even when they do not deserve. The other kind of a manager is the soft heart manager. These managers are very tricky and employees should be very careful when dealing with such managers. The other kind is the politician kind. They say a lot and are fun being around them. The problem is that it lacks basis and substance. Most of the times, these managers are not in their positions by merit. Lastly is the team building manager. They are good and know how to deal with their employees and make them work together.

How to deal with these managers?

Employees should take their time to learn the managers that they are working with. This will help them to follow the instructions of their managers and at the same time cover themselves from threats that the managerial styles of their bosses may put them through.