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Creating A Comparative Essay Introduction: Tips And Examples

A comparative essay is not difficult at all, as long as you pick the right elements. You are supposed to compare two different ideas or objects that have a certain connection. For example, it’s almost impossible to compare efficiently an apple with a car, but you can easily write about two different type of vehicles. There are some steps that you need to follow if you want to create a great piece, but there’s nothing hard or time consuming. If you focus for a few hours and you take time for research, you will build a great paper without too much effort.

  • Choose a good topic. This is the first step when you aim for high marks. It has to be engaging, entertaining, interesting and to bring new information for the reader. To write about something common is pointless; it will be just a completed assignment, but not a great one. Try to imagine what would make your classmates curious, eager for more information and study this topic.
  • Make research. To be able to efficiently compare two elements, you must have solid knowledge about both of them. It’s not enough to read the short descriptions from your school manuals. You must search for books, published papers, official brochures, anything that will provide new and accurate data. Anything that is vague or not understandable does not belong in your paper, because this will make you seem unprofessional.
  • Compare the subjects. When you first start writing, don’t think too much about structure, grammar or punctuation. You have time for all of this after you finish the first draft. Write what you know, with passion, until you run out of ideas. You can use analogies if you don’t know how to explain a certain structure, and search for easier synonyms if you encounter difficult terms. Believe me, your hard work will pay off.
  • Edit the entire piece. After you decided that there is not much left to write, you can start editing and correcting. This will usually take one day, so start working on your project in advance. This is the part where you choose a suitable structure that is suitable with the requirements of the course. Also, watch out for any grammar mistake that you made, and correct the punctuation. If you write your paper on computer, change the font to a formal one.