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How To Write An A+ Essay On My Experience In College?

Obviously the aim of writing any essay is that you get a very high score and A+ is just about the best. There are a number of fundamental rules you need to follow for the writing of any essay but in this case the topic is quite specific. In fact it is the key to your success. Not that it should just fire your enthusiasm but also that it should define your writing. In this case you are to write about your time spent in college.

Make a list

You need to have a list of the topics you will discuss in your essay. You will need to have a chart with the most important topic at the top of the list. You will build your essay around this main topic and use the secondary topics to add further spice or interest to your essay. If you can make the minor points support the main point you will score an even higher mark. That’s a key tactic to use.

Remember that any type of essay must avoid boring the reader and particularly so with what you would expect to be a fairly routine topic. Your task therefore is to find an angle or an approach to the topic which stimulates the interest of the reader. You know that the reader is your teacher or examiner and that they have to read your work regardless. But that means it is all the more important why you need to find a unique approach.

Remember that there any number of students who have been to college and been asked to write an essay about it. You need to look at some aspect of your time in college which is unusual. How did you get to college? What were your expectations before you arrived and were those expectations met? What were the mistakes you made during your time in college?

Do not forget that you need to follow the basic plan of introduction, fact paragraphs and conclusion. But that's the only standard or workmanlike approach to your writing. The rest must be interesting. Don't write about the mundane and the everyday events which almost every student participates in at college.

Think outside the box. Look for something fascinating. Make your essay a unique event. Of course it goes without saying it has to be well written.